Custom Looks….
Built to Common
Cabinet Building Standards

Stainless Supply Custom Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Depths of 24″ | 28″ | 34″    –    Height of 33.75″ – 35.25″
Dimensions do not include 1-5/16″ door thickness and counter top

304 Stainless Steel

Quality is in our core, our cabinets are built on a durable 14 gauge structural foundation. Through and through Stainless Supply Cabinets are built out of heavy gauge 304 Stainless Steel. Why is this important? 304 Stainless Steel is the professionals choice when your cabinets are in frequent contact with foods and moisture. With a higher chromium and lower carbon content, 304 Stainless exhibits excellent resistance to corrosion while maintaining a safe contact surface for food preparation. What all this means is that our cabinets are built stronger than others and will not rust in the outdoors.

We have COLORS

Designer UV Safe Colors means your Outdoor Cabinets are Brilliant!

Our team of engineers have searched high and low to find the absolute best in color solutions for your outdoor kitchen cabinets. Now offered in 12 attractive colors, your set of  Stainless Supply Cabinets is sure to look and function as brilliantly as the day you purchased it. By utilizing specially formulated solvent-free enamels our outdoor rated powder coats are a sure bet for longevity in the outdoors. When our paints are applied to then baked onto our 304 Stainless they create an elegant finish that is both extremely durable any resilient to the sun’s powerful and damaging UV rays, keeping your investment safe for years to come.

Rain Gutters Keeps Water Out

Stainless Supply Cabinets incorporate an intricate locking gutter system like no other. With channels surrounding every door and drawer opening, we have engineered a means to keep the rain out. Now your outdoor kitchen tools and essentials can remain outdoors without the worry of the weather changing.

Practical Flexability

Designed with 1-1/2 inches of height adjustments.

There is no need to limit your counter top options when you can adjust your cabinet height. Whether the counter top you like is 3/4 of an inch or 2-1/4 inches thick, by offering rust resistant 304 stainless steel adjustable legs you are able to maintain a comfortable finished counter height. With over an inch and a half of overall height adjustments, we are able to insure that our customers enjoy the freedom of choice.

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